Cross Cultural Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services in the areas of preparation, problem resolution, reconciliation, renewal, consultation and training. 

Our services include:


  • Pre-field, pre-ministry screening, counseling and mentorship 
  • Psychological assessment 
  • Career assessment and counseling 

Counseling and Pastoral Care

  • Biblically grounded personal, marital & family counseling 
  • Prayer counseling and spiritual/emotional healing 
  • Confidential pastoral care and spiritual guidance 
  • Intensive individual, marital or family therapy 
  • Counseling and assessment for career transition
  • Third-culture and reverse-culture transitions 
  • Medical assessment, consultation and referral 


  • Crisis intervention, personal or organizational; in the U.S. or overseas 
  • Interpersonal, family or organizational mediation and intervention 


  • On-field counseling and seminars in leadership, spiritual renewal and family renewal 
  • Spiritual retreats for reflection, contemplation, renewal and healing; in the U.S. or abroad 
  • Marriage enrichment seminars 
  • Conferences/seminars for Christian leaders 
  • Retreats for Christian health professionals 
  • Support groups for missionaries and children of missionaries

Consultation & Training

  • Organizational consultation 
  • Design of missionary and minister care structures and programs 
  • Overseas consultation to in-field leadership with personnel difficulties 
  • Overseas seminars and training for missionaries and nationals 


For more information regarding our services for missionaries and those who support them, call 651-486-4828 or click here to view details of our missionary support team.