MRC provides consulting services for businesses, public-sector and non-profit organizations, church and para-church ministries. Prospective clients typically contact us when they have a clear concern or problem they would like to address, although we encourage clients to engage us in a more proactive manners that will potentially prevent issues from becoming full-blown concerns. 

All organizations encounter obstacles, challenges and opportunities that may be initiated by significant transitions or changes to constituency, markets or leadership. These may be characterized by questions of viability, key personnel issues, and shifts in the organization’s primary mission and values. Not only are such challenges normal; they are predictable. We believe clients know when their organizations have issues, but are often unclear about the real underlying causes. Our services essentially consist of providing our clients with a framework for understanding these issues and taking action on them.

Our Mission
MRC has a unique mission: to bring renewal to organizations served through our consulting offerings. Renewal looks different for different types of organizations. For a business, it may mean improving its ability to attract and retain customers during tough economic times. For a church, it may mean equipping its leadership to serve its members during a time of rapid and significant social change. For a non-profit group, it may mean improving its ability to develop alternative means for creating revenue to offset the decline in foundation and philanthropic giving. For para-church ministries, it might be expressed in improving strategies for effectively delivering on the foundational mission.

Our work with organizations usually occurs in a five-phase process that includes:  

  • Engagement: A client contacts Minnesota Renewal to discuss a matter of concern. A one-to two-hour meeting is set up to frame the issue. MRC provides a brief initial proposal that equips the client with the information required to make a decision on whether to move forward working with Minnesota Renewal.
  • Discovery: The discovery process is essentially the “data-gathering phase” of our work. Depending on the situation, we will interview, survey or run focus groups to gain insight and perspective on the challenges being faced by the organization.
  • Formulation: This phase involves the process of using the data collected during the discovery phase to define or frame the problem, issue or opportunity facing the client. This, in turn, provides the team with the necessary perspective with which to construct viable solutions.
  • Implementation: Once good solutions have been formulated, an implementation plan is constructed. The purpose of this plan is to equip the client to implement the solutions, either in partnership with MRC or on their own.
  • Follow-Up: Our experience has been that changes in organizational systems are more likely to continue when there are periodic follow-ups for supportive accountability.  Hence, it is our recommendation and preference that follow-up contacts are agreed to in the initial contract. 

Depending on the size of the organization and nature of the consultation, these phases can occur in just a few days, or may take place over a period of several months. 


For additional information, or to initiate a consultation, please contact Dr. Dan Lambrides.