Therapist Position Description


Position:  Minnesota Renewal Center is a faith-based private practice group that has provided services to the community, clergy, cross-cultural workers and military personnel since 1995.  We are looking to expand our practice by adding a currently licensed psychologist, licensed family therapist or other licensed professional to our group, as an independent contractor.  This individual should be skilled in individual, couple and family therapy.  Priority will be given to applicants who have prior experience in counseling missionaries, ministers, soldiers and their families - or who have a desire to serve those populations.  Prior personal experience serving in missions, ministry or the military would also be preferable.

While this practice is technically a group of independent practitioners, we are looking for individuals who want to participate as collegial team members in our mission and who see their work at MRC as their central professional endeavor.  We are also looking for new members whose distinctive skills and experience will complement and add to our current group.

We are an interdenominational, faith-based organization and we see clients from a broad spectrum faith orientation.  We anticipate our professional members to be able to appreciate a broad range of faith communities but also be comfortable serving community clients who may have little faith orientation.  Given the nature of our work and our target populations, we expect our professional members to have a significant personal faith orientation.  More information about the organization is available at


- Our current compensation rate plan for independent practitioners is a graduated, 60/40 to 70/30 to 75/25 split of receipts for services provided.
- We provide services and benefits to independent contractors that are consistent with industry standards.  A preview copy of our independent contractor agreement is available upon request.
- We are not presently able to provide health insurance, retirement, or liability insurance benefits.
- Our preference would be for full-time practitioners, but we will consider other arrangements, as may be mutually beneficial to the individual and our organizational needs.
- We are seeking currently licensed individuals who are eligible for insurance reimbursement.
- We have preferred provider relationships with a number of insurance carriers/HMO’s and are able to add licensed providers from our group to most of them.  However, preference will be given to candidates who currently have existent transferable provider relationships already established.
- We have a healthy referral base and are willing to help new members build a caseload; however, the ability to bring a caseload or add to our network of referral sources would be a plus.
- Our client base is typically a 65/35 split between clients from the community at large and our target population of ministry/military professionals.

 For further information, contact Patrick Repp, Director, at