Missionary Support Team

Our Missionary Support Team is made up of licensed psychologists, counselors and therapists, all of whom bring with them a background in both missions and ministry. Whatever your struggle, our team members are familiar with the unique challenges that face those involved in missionary work, whether you are preparing to go, already in the field, returning home, or supporting somebody who is.

Below you will find biographical details of each of our team members who are available to offer counseling, pastoral care, mediation, support or spiritual renewal, both overseas and in the U.S. If you are new to Minnesota Renewal or a prospective client, we invite you to request an appointment with someone on our team or call our general number at 651-486-4828 for further information. 

Mary Droullard, MA, LP, LMFT
Missionary Assessment Coordinator
Mary is a licensed psychologist and licensed marriage & family therapist. Her experience includes a background in nursing and many years of missionary work in Pakistan. She counsels individuals, couples and families. Her therapy interests include health issues, healthy sexuality, sexual betrayal, relationship issues, depression & anxiety, cross-cultural adjustment, debriefing and missionary assessment and care.

To contact Mary, call 651-486-4828 or click here for a full bio and to request an appointment. 

Debbie Klaver, MA, LMFT
Debbie is a licensed marriage & family therapist. She served as a missionary teacher and chaplain in Cuenca, Ecuador from 1981 to 1989 with World Mission Prayer League. She received her Masters in clinical psychology from Wheaton College Graduate School and has worked as a director of an in-home family therapy program for children and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral problems. Her special interests include individual, couple & family therapy, child & adolescent therapy, play therapy, anxiety, depression, conflict resolution and missionary/ministry stressors. She also provides therapy to Spanish speakers.

To contact Debbie, call 651-486-4828 or click here for a full bio and to request an appointment.

Dan Lambrides, MDiv, DMin
Dan is a pastoral counselor and consultant for MRC. A former pastor, family therapist and executive/organizational consultant, he is involved widely in church and organizational counseling and seminar presentations. His doctoral training background is in family systems and family therapy. He also has interest in the confluence of spiritual and sexual issues.  

To contact Dan, call 651-486-4828 or click here for a full bio and to request an appointment.

Sharon Mason, MA, LP
Sharon is a licensed psychologist who provides counseling and assessment to adults and adolescents. She is an adjunct professor at Bethel University. She also facilitates a brain tumor support group and does psychological assessment and intervention at United Hospital. Her special interests include women’s issues, depression, anxiety, health-related and life-transition issues. She also has expertise in cognitive/personality assessment and interest in cross-cultural and ministry challenges.

To contact Sharon, call 651-486-4828 or click here for a full bio and to request an appointment.

Kathryn C Pearson, MS, LP
Kathryn Pearson is a Licensed Psychologist and has provided outpatient therapy for many years in mental health settings. She has been widely trained in multiple modalities of treatment, including cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, solution focused therapy. She grew up bi-culturally in Japan, having been raised by missionary parents. Her early upbringing has brought her to a deep understanding of issues faced by those in ministry, as well as cultural issues faced by people who have experienced life outside of the United States.

To contact Kathryn, call 651-486-4828 or click here for a full bio and to request an appointment.

Patrick Repp, MA, LP, LMFT
Executive Director 
Patrick is a licensed psychologist and licensed marriage & family therapist and is the executive director and founder of the Minnesota Renewal Center. A former short-term missionary, he has counseled missionaries, ministers, church leaders and their families for over 25 years. His special interests include depression, anxiety, stress, addictive behaviors, and issues of transition and trauma. He is also trained in mediation/reconciliation and organizational/congregational systems analysis. 

To contact Patrick, call 651-486-4828 or click here for a full bio and to request an appointment.