Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is an approach to help couples move out of distress and into a loving relationship.  It is based on over 20 years of study of how best to help couples break down the walls that have come to separate them, address repeating issues, and heal the hurts that have damaged the relationship. Also, it has been found that many times it is distress in the couple relationship that underlies depression, anxiety, and addictions. EFCT is one of only two approaches couples therapy that has proven to be successful.   Studies have found that over 70% of couples treated with EFCT have moved from feeling “distressed” to happy with their relationship and 90% of couples report their relationship is “significantly improved.”  

EFCT is based several important ideas.  First, the most important thing in life is our relationships with those we love.  When something happens in those relationships that causes hurt or distance, when a person was counting on their partner to be there for him/her and he/she wasn’t there, the result is often conflict and more hurt.  Second, most couples develop patterns of interacting with each other around conflict and sometimes these patterns become so entrenched they actually interfere with the couple working through problems.  Finally, the best ways to change things is to experience new ways of interacting as a couple, ways that are safe, validating, comforting, and supportive.   

Our EFCT trained therapists understand how vitally important couple relationships are, that they are worth effort to save them.  They know how to identify the things, the patterns, that block couples from having a close, safe, and loving relationship.  Most importantly, the EFCT therapist knows how to help each couple establish healthy ways of connecting, of developing a strong sense of togetherness, and how to stay connected even in the face of difficulty.

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