Pastoring a church is a challenging and often lonely place to be. While the pastor is required to consistently serve the needs of the congregation and the leadership, who is there to offer guidance and to replenish the pastor for what he or she is giving out on a daily basis?

At the Minnesota Renewal Center, our team of pastors, counselors, organizational consultants and mediators is dedicated to serving the needs of pastors and churches. Our services include:


  • Spiritual retreats for reflection, contemplation, renewal, and healing
  • Marriage enrichment seminars
  • Conferences/seminars for Christian leaders
  • Seminars in leadership, spiritual renewal, and family renewal
  • Support groups for pastors and denominational leaders
  • Spiritual Direction

Consultation and Training

  • Consultations for church leadership
  • Church consultation, meditation, and training for church leadership teams
  • Design of minister care structures and programs
  • Healthy congregations workshops

Counseling and Meditation

  • Confidential pastoral care, counseling, and spiritual guidance
  • Personal or organizational crisis intervention
  • Interpersonal, family, or organizational mediation and intervention
  • Biblically grounded personal, marital, and family counseling
  • Counseling and assessment for career transition
  • Prayer counseling and spiritual/emotional healing


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MRC is an interdenominational organization. For a list of the denominations we have served, click here.